Our aim is to offer a comprehensive rating system for consumer products according to the health effects of the ingredients.


Our target audience is the general public or layman.


Our direction is to be more objective and less subjective on our ratings overall. We want to make sure that 99% of our ratings are based on published scientific reports and papers from reputable organizations around the world, please see our References. We’ve developed a set of proprietary formulas to generate ratings for most of the ingredients and products based on the potential health effects.


We do not penalise products that are using ingredients which are generally harmless for the majority of the population but may trigger allergies or other personal medical conditions.

We do offer users to mark down their personal health conditions such as allergies, and our system will alert the user when a product has an ingredient that may trigger his/her health conditions.


Each of our ISCE ratings are sorted into 4 categories: Inhale (I), Swallow (S), Contact (C) and Environment (E). The reason we have these sections is that an ingredient may be completely fine on your skin, but may have undesired consequences if you happen to swallow it. We want to accommodate the possibilities of breathing (Inhale), eating/drinking (Swallow) and touching (Contact) the ingredients as well as portraying how this ingredient may affect the aquatic life, animals and plants (Environment).


1Source Rating System:

0-1: Generally safe

2-4: Acceptable / Low Toxicity

5-7: Use sparingly / Medium Toxicity

8-9: Avoid unless it is necessary / High Toxicity

10: Possible Carcinogenic or Prohibited by EU/UN/US