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Potential Risk IndexTM:


Functions :
1. Dietary / Nutritional Supplement – Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids or probiotics which is eaten to improve nutritional intake
2. Drug / Medicine – Used to treat, alleviate, cure or prevent sickness. As officially declared by a governmental drug/medicine regulatory body
3. Emollient – Softens and soothes the skin. Prevents water (moisture) loss from the skin
4. Humectant – Binds with water to increase skin hydration. Also enhances water absorption of the skin

Panthenol is the provitamin form of vitamin B5. The provitamin is converted to the vitamin form within the body.

In pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal-care products, panthenol is a moisturizer and humectant, used in ointments, lotions, shampoos, nasal sprays, eye drops, lozenges, and cleaning solutions for contact lenses.

In ointments it is used for the treatment of sunburns, mild burns, minor skin injuries and disorders.

Scientific References :
1. PubChem:

Regulatory References :
1. US FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) [2017]

Safety and Hazards (UN GHS):

1. Causes serious eye irritation (H319)
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